Greetings! Nineteen years ago, in a much younger Kingdom, a small group of friends gathered for a day of fighting, feasting and fun. Thus the traditions of our shire began. Come all and help us celebrate the days past, when great contests were fought at the Silver Pass with rapier, arrow, sword and mead. Come all to out beautiful mountain site to help us forge new memories that will be told as tales of glory in the years to come. Old friends, new friends, all who pass this way, we welcome you to a weekend of fighting and fun. There will be something for everyone to do: tourneys for rapier, heavy weapons, archer and cut and thrust as well as arts and sciences siege projects.

The Shire of Rio de las Animas is looking for a new champion of the Silver Pass as our current one grows tired and longs for rest. If you think you are up to the challenge, we beg you to join us and stand on the fields to meet great opponents and see who will be our new champion!

Our annual event features armored combat, archery, the arts and sciences, and so much more. Visit our event website using the link below to find out more.