Every year when the snow falls and weather turns bitter, it is time to lay aside our arms and instead join together to feast! Our shire holds an annual Yule Time Celebration, an event to join together to revel, feast, make merry, and remember the year that is passing.

December 3, 2016

Annual Toys for Tots Drive

This Year’s Theme: A Masked Ball 

Site Fee: A $5.00 donation for Toys for Tots or an unwrapped toy. If you care to join in for the feast, an additional feast fee of $5.00 will be needed.

Where: 878 E. 2nd Ave, Durango Colorado

Time: site opens at 5:00 pm and closes at 11:00 pm

Please note that crash space is not available at this time.


Mask contest– Bring a mask that you have created to enter in the contest. Masks should be festive and fun!

Ornament Exchange– Like every year, bring an ornament to hang up and at the end of the night. All who donated an ornament will pick a random number and get a new ornament from the donated lot.

Dessert Contest– Bring a yummy dessert to share and with a little luck you might be the one to win a prize! If you are interested in helping to judge this event (who wouldn’t be?), please contact us via the email.

Court Dancing– Since this year’s theme is Masked Ball; we have a wonderful teacher coming to teach the art of court dancing.

Feast- Our feast this year will be provided by Sir Michael and Sir Devon.  We can’t wait to see what wonderful spread that they will come up with!

The Menu is a work in progress (But I am sure it will be great!).